BL Balanced Lifestyle Food & Beverages GmbH

“Pop up your water!‟

Your partner for stylish Sodamakers, chic accessories and innovative drink essences.

The enterprise

  • The company is based in Vienna

  • 2013 founded by Mr. Roland Herrmann

  • Subsidiaries in Vienna and Hong Kong

  • Focus on innovative devices with exquisite design

  • Collaboration with international designers on themes: Functionality and appearance

  • Perfect interaction of machine, CO2 carbon dioxide and flavours

  • Close cooperation with the enterprise Döhler in the field of beverage essences

  • Linde Gas AG cylinders for MySodapop, also fit all other commercially available soda systems

  • Syrup bottles that do not drip or spill

  • Glass bottles and PET

  • Larger bottle volume


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